About us

Dear Petrolheads,

With the launch of our Facebook page in 2013, a new platform and community for Luxembourgish car enthusiasts was created. Since then, we organized several events and did numerous shootings for car dealerships and private sports-car owners. Our most known events are the “SupercarMeeting" and the Driving Experience for Charity (which we co-organize together with the Lions Club Roude Léiw).

With the start of the year 2018, we proudly introduce a Member club to the Luxembourgish and European car community. As the name ATREX stands for “Advanced Travel & Race Experience”, our Club aims to regroup people who are passionate about supercars and who like to share their ultimate passion for driving, travelling & many more…

Besides our two major known events, there will be many more coming this year, mostly accessible for members only. We are continuously evolving and are going to offer much more to our community in the future. As we are always open for new ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yours sincerly,